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  • Updated: Intel accuses EC of mishandling antitrust evidence

    Intel on Monday sharply criticized the European Commission, which found it guilty of anticompetitive behavior, accusing the regulator of being selective with evidence it looked at and, essentially, setting out to find the company guilty.

    Written by Agam Shah22 Sept. 09 07:56
Features about anti-trust
  • EC to pursue antitrust case despite Microsoft's IE decision

    The European Commission will proceed with its antitrust case against Microsoft regardless of the announcement late Thursday that the software giant is stripping its browser, Internet Explorer (IE), from the next incarnation of its operating system, Windows 7, in Europe.

    Written by Paul Meller12 June 09 16:33
  • Microsoft trying to set own antitrust remedy, says Opera CEO

    Microsoft's plan to strip out its Internet Explorer (IE) browser from Windows 7 in Europe, due for sale in the fall, is designed to force the European Commission's hand as it devises an antitrust remedy to restore fair competition in the browser market, said Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Norwegian browser maker Opera.

    Written by Paul Meller12 June 09 19:24
  • EC: Is Microsoft pressuring witnesses in antitrust case?

    The European Commission is asking PC makers and software rivals if Microsoft has been pressuring them in connection with the ongoing antitrust case concerning Web browsers, one such company said Tuesday.

    Written by Paul Meller10 June 09 02:04