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  • How to Evaluate, Compare and Implement Enterprise Antivirus

    Antivirus software has been around-well, nearly as long as viruses. But thanks to the ever-growing variety of threats to the PC environment, this is a fast-changing market that is undergoing two major trends:

    Written by Mary Brandel06 Aug. 09 01:47
  • Antivirus Test: A Quest for Nearly Objective Rankings

    <i>Editor's Note: Chaz Sowers wants reliable, indepedently tested antivirus software with few false positives. But what really constitutes an "independent" test? Unsatisfied with lab ratings, he built his own malware testbed and put 35 AV products through the paces. Here is the story behind one man's AV rankings; your results may vary.</i>

    Written by Chaz Sowers21 May 09 04:50