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  • ANU details findings of data breach

    A cyber attack that saw an unauthorised actor gain access to Australia National University (ANU)'s network for six weeks has shocked the country's most experienced security experts, new findings reveal.

    Written by Samira Sarraf03 Oct. 19 14:26
  • Stern letter to cabinet ministers urging them to take cyber seriously

    ​The PM’s cyber security minister will pen a stern letter to cabinet ministers urging them and their departments to take cyber security more seriously in the wake of a ​damning report​ pointing them out as a ‘weak link’ in the nation’s cyber defence.

    Written by George Nott03 Nov. 16 09:31
  • Australia’s largest supercomputer turns one

    Raijin, the Southern Hemisphere’s most powerful supercomputer, on Thursday celebrated its first birthday. It has been in production since mid-June last year.

    Written by Byron Connolly31 July 14 10:16
  • ANU CIO Peter Nikoletatos departs

    Australian National University (ANU) CIO Peter Nikoletatos has left his post at the university. Nikoletatos – who had been in the role since February 2002 – left last week.

    Written by Byron Connolly03 April 14 14:52