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  • Apple's popular apps not exclusive to iPhone: Analysis

    Apple has the largest app store by a long shot: Currently iPhone users can choose from 350,000 apps. But how many apps do people really use -- and should the size of the Apple App Store sway your next smartphone purchase? It shouldn't.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu03 May 11 00:06
  • App fragmentation issue is bigger than Android

    Fragmentation of the Android platform is being blamed for a decline in developer enthusiasm for the platform, but the real fragmentation challenge for app developers is a much broader issue that just Android.

    Written by Tony Bradley27 April 11 04:30
  • Protect your data from Skype for Android

    The Skype for Android app puts your sensitive data at risk, possibly exposing it to other apps without your knowledge or consent. Skype is working on a fix, but what should you do in the meantime to protect your data?

    Written by Tony Bradley19 April 11 05:42
  • 10 must-have Facebook apps and add-ons

    Are you a Facebook user and a music- or movie-buff? Can't wait for an official "Dislike" button? Or always looking to identify connections who've "unfriended" you? If so, download these 10 must-have Facebook apps and add-ons

    Written by Kristin Burnham13 April 11 11:50
  • Top 15 innovative mobile apps to watch in 2011

    Mobile apps are becoming increasingly influential, as they have the potential to spread to millions of tablets and smartphones. Here are 15 that we think will make a difference in 2011.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu12 April 11 16:16
  • Google launches three new Android features for business

    Google announced three large updates for its Android for Business portfolio on Thursday. The updates focus on security and connecting with colleagues, and will be available to all customers of Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education.

    Written by Brent Rose09 April 11 04:08
  • Hacktivist Android Trojan designed to fight app piracy

    There's hacking, then there's hacktivism. There's malware, then there's Android Trojans like the latest "threat" discovered by Symantec. Android.Walkinwat is like the Batman of mobile malware -- a rogue vigilante seeking justice through means that also skirt legality, but for a good cause.

    Written by Tony Bradley01 April 11 01:10
  • Windows Phone 7 app store still lags behind Apple, Android

    Microsoft has bragged about its growing app store for Windows Phone 7 devices, but the store's offerings are still puny compared to Apple's or Google's stores. The Windows Phone 7 app store has around 10 times less apps than the Android Market and around 30 times less than Apple's App Store. Will Microsoft ever catch up?

    Written by Daniel Ionescu01 April 11 01:03
  • Jobs says 'no' to iPhone radiation app

    An iPhone app that measures smartphone radiation and offers tips on minimizing absorption has been nuked by Steve Jobs.

    Written by Jared Newman25 March 11 07:44
  • Amazon App Store Is Just What Android Needs

    Rumor has it that tomorrow may be the day that Amazon launches its own proprietary Android app store. The increased exposure from an online retail juggernaut like Amazon will be nice, but--more importantly--the Amazon app store will fix what's broken with Google's official Android Market.

    Written by Tony Bradley22 March 11 04:46
  • Voters can get 'cluey' this NSW Election

    Enrolled voters can enlist the help of a Web application to simplify the “daunting” task of voting below the line in the upcoming NSW election on the 26 March 2011.

    Written by Chloe Herrick22 March 11 16:05
  • Google Docs gets Wave-like chat features

    Remember Google Wave, the innovative although sadly unloved e-mail and chat hybrid that was retired last year? Well, it sounds like Google couldn't stand to turn it out into the cold, and several of its features have made their way into Google Docs.

    Written by Keir Thomas17 March 11 05:59
  • Kid proof iTunes: Apple requires password for purchases

    Saddled with mounting complaints from parents that their kids were running up big iTunes bills Apple changed its app purchasing policies. Now parents, or kids using their parent's iPhone or iPad, will have to re-enter an iTunes password when making a purchase within an existing iOS application (called an in-app purchase).

    Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal12 March 11 03:17
  • After backlash, Twitter alters Quickbar in iOS app

    The controversial Quickbar feature Twitter introduced in its latest iOS client is now less annoying. Twitter filed an update for the app with Apple, which now modifies the behavior of the Quickbar from floating over tweets to being pinned down at the top.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu10 March 11 01:48