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  • Aruba’s top execs talk new tech, IoT and the competition

    Network World sat down with Senior Vice President and General Manager Keerti Melkote and CTO Partha Narasimhan at Aruba’s annual Atmosphere conference in Nashville last week to talk about future wireless technology, security, and more.

    Written by Jon Gold07 March 17 02:23
  • Aruba CEO: ‘We acquired HP Networking when HP acquired us’

    A year after wireless mover-and-shaker Aruba was acquired by HP in a landmark $3 billion deal, President and CEO Dominic Orr said that, if anything, the company was more in control of its own destiny than ever.

    Written by Jon Gold10 March 16 03:35
  • HP switches fortify campus SDNs

    HP this week strengthened its campus networking portfolio with modules for a switch chassis it announced almost a year ago, and an SDN-based management application.

    Written by Jim Duffy28 April 15 06:28
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  • Does Fortinet's Meru buy mean we're in for even more Wi-Fi industry consolidation?

    Cybersecurity firm <a href="">Fortinet's purchase last week of wireless network manufacturer Meru Networks</a> for $44 million is the second major acquisition of a Wi-Fi hardware vendor in three months and, potentially, the start of a broader pattern.

    Written by Jon Gold05 June 15 06:14

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  • The Right Technologies Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace

    Today’s workforce isn’t just driving the consumerisation of IT, but also accelerating the consumerisation of the workplace. These changing employee behaviours and expectations are shaping the way organisations think about the role of technology in the workplace. As the research in this report suggests, more digitally-driven workplaces not only foster productivity, but employee wellbeing, motivation and job satisfaction. Our findings suggest that the problem is as much about human failures as it is digital workplace design. To understand the factors of employee-driven changes in the workplace, and to help companies navigate these changes to gain a competitive edge, Aruba conducted a global study of 7,000 employees across 15 countries. The study explores current levels of and attitudes towards digital working, its benefits and how it affects worker behaviour. This report examines four trends that emerged from the research.

  • Enhanced Experiences in the Smart Digital Workplace

  • 802.11AX

  • 451 Research: Market Ratings Networking Study