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  • Stanford crypto expert Dan Boneh wins $175K computer science award

    Stanford University computer science professor <a href="http://crypto.stanford.edu/~dabo/">Dan Boneh</a> has been named as the recipient of the <a href="http://awards.acm.org/infosys/">2014 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in Computing Sciences</a> for his work in cryptography.

    Written by Bob Brown31 March 15 23:57
  • Database pioneer Stonebraker rocks $1M "Nobel Prize in Computing"

    Michael Stonebraker, whose database software breakthroughs helped to tame information overload long before we referred to it as big data, is the recipient of the <a href="http://amturing.acm.org/">2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award</a>, a.k.a. the "Nobel Prize in Computing."

    Written by Bob Brown26 March 15 01:35
  • Researchers push supercomputing's bleeding edge with diverse applications

    While raw supercomputing performance may be not be advancing as quickly as it has in the past, researchers putting the most powerful systems to work continue to discover new ways to make them more powerful and versatile, judging from this year's finalists for the Association for Computing Machinery's Gordon Bell Prize.

    Written by Joab Jackson19 Nov. 14 09:03