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  • iPhone fans fuming about preorder Web site woes

    While it may not be on the scale of the BP oil spill, Apple and AT&T do have a public relations debacle on their hands as iPhone fans are furious about the collapse of AT&T's online preorder system.

    Written by Brad Reed17 June 10 02:48
  • Formula 1 team uses cloud computing for Grand Prix success

    As Nico Hulkenberg, the 22-year-old up-and-coming Formula 1 driving star, approaches the final chicane of the Circuit Gilles Villenueve during the Canadian Grand Prix he will already know from telemetry data hosted in the cloud to slow down 10 metres before the turn or risk smacking into the infamous wall of champions that has taken out racing superstars such as Fernando Alonzo and Michael Schumacher.

    Written by Paolo Del Nibletto16 June 10 05:34
  • Security experts, hackers question AT&T's iPad data safety claim

    AT&T sent a explanatory letter to its iPad subscribers Sunday, even as new details emerged that last week's leak of customer information was not as difficult as the company maintains, and, contrary to the company's claims, could be used to gain additional data.

    Written by John Cox15 June 10 01:42
  • IBM buys Sterling Commerce from AT&T for $1.4B

    IBM is buying AT&T subsidiary Sterling Commerce, maker of business-to-business data integration software, for about US $1.4 billion in cash, the companies announced Monday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus25 May 10 05:20
  • iPhone 4.0 Beta Hints At AT&T Tethering, Finally

    The fourth beta of the iPhone 4.0 OS hints that AT&T might finally enable Internet tethering, after the carrier failed to activate the feature for almost a year since Apple introduced the capability.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu20 May 10 05:09
  • Mobile carriers defend early termination fees

    Early termination fees for mobile phone contracts are necessary to subsidize the cost of smartphones and customers know what they're getting into, mobile carriers told the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in comments filed this week.

    Written by Grant Gross25 Feb. 10 08:18