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  • PwC delivers 2021 Census services on AWS

    ​PwC Australia has been selected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to deliver key 2021 Census services.

    Written by Samira Sarraf03 May 19 14:22
  • Robot-proofing jobs: how to mitigate the AI threat

    Advancements in automation have created a new threat to jobs. Robots are no longer confined to replacing humans in assembly lines; the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is now impacting the role of humans in the cognitive space, and that’s cause for concern.

    Written by Geoff Thomas26 Feb. 18 16:28
  • Can the internet save the gay marriage vote?

    The federal government has asked the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to carry out a survey to determine if Australians are for or against gay marriage.

    Written by Ian Brightwell15 Aug. 17 01:00
  • ​Regaining trust after a digital government failure

    Who could forget #censusfail last year? After a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and concerns over potential loss of data during the 2016 Census, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census site was shut down for days. Once it was eventually restored on 11 August 2016, it was successfully used by millions of Australians to submit their census data.

    Written by Dean Lacheca30 March 17 14:59
  • Updated: ABS IT chief Patrick Hadley quits

    After five years at the helm, Patrick Hadley, CIO of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is retiring, quitting the post in March.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 Feb. 17 12:42
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