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  • ​AIIA and ACS: Congrats Turnbull, now step it up

    The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) are urging the Turnbull government to accelerate the digitisation of the economy.

    Written by George Nott11 July 16 09:45
  • The wrong skills for the wrong century

    CeBIT was held in Sydney this week and for the first time – in the midst of the celebration of technology innovation – there was a specific session focused on what only can be described as an economic emergency – skills.

    Written by Marie Johnson08 May 15 16:15
  • Australia holding back startups: AIIA

    Australia risks slipping further behind other countries unless it does more to foster technology startups, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has warned.

    Written by Adam Bender04 March 14 13:36
  • Work-related self-education tax reform deferred

    Plans to defer the proposed $2000 limit on work-related self-education tax deductibles by another year have been heralded by several industry stakeholders as an example of stronger support for the digital economy.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett05 Aug. 13 11:37
  • Industry welcomes ICT education funding

    Industry groups have welcomed the federal government’s additional funding to encourage students to become more involved in ICT education.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald12 June 13 14:29