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  • Rights groups and tech giants form alliance to fight encryption bill

    Digital Rights Watch, the Human Rights Law Centre, Amnesty International and Access Now have joined forces with a number of industry bodies representing the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple and Telstra to reject the government’s so called ‘encryption bill’.

    Written by George Nott03 Oct. 18 08:49
  • APF airs Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill privacy concerns

    The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) has warned that the [[xref:| <i>Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011</i>|new]] has the potential to invade the rights of individuals and grants additional access to information by a range of agencies.

    Written by Hamish Barwick01 Aug. 11 15:50
  • Telco interception bill needs “major repairs”

    The Australian Greens have called for an overhaul of the Federal Government’s Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 claiming the bill is in need of "major repair".

    Written by Tim Lohman28 Feb. 11 11:34