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News about Automotive
  • Blinker taps former Cox Automotive CTO

    Former Cox Automotive, Media Solutions, CTO, Jeremy Gupta has joined Blinker, an Australian car subscription platform for the automotive industry, as its chief technology officer.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 Oct. 19 16:20
  • Ford to invest $1B in A.I. startup toward self-driving cars

    Ford plans to invest $1 billion over the next five years in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence startup that will help develop a virtual driver system for the automaker’s autonomous vehicle coming in 2021.

    Written by Lucas Mearian11 Feb. 17 08:10
  • Here's how much Tesla will require EV owners to pay to charge up

    Tesla has announced the prices vehicle owners will have to pay to use its Supercharger stations. A trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco will now cost about $15 under its plan. But, early adopters will still be able to juice up for free.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 Jan. 17 06:37
Features about Automotive
  • How tablets are changing the way people buy cars

    London is home to busy streets lined with historical architecture sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. But that same gorgeous architecture leaves little room for car dealerships, which require a sprawling lot in order to store inventory. When Infiniti Retail Group U.K. considered the possible limitations of moving into a densely populated city, it wanted to change the typical car dealership experience. So they ditched the dealership and headed to the mall.

    Written by Sarah K. White14 Aug. 15 23:49
  • Smart Cars Are Getting Smarter, But the Ride Isn't Perfect

    The cars of tomorrow will listen, talk, entertain, protect, get energy from the sun and even drive themselves. Not all carmakers plan to take the same road, though, and some face more potholes than other.

    Written by J.D. Sartain11 Feb. 14 19:25
  • Driverless cars yield to reality: It's a long road ahead

    Take a drive on Highway 101 between Silicon Valley and San Francisco these days and you might see one of Google's driverless cars in the lane next to you. The vehicles are one of the most visible signs of the increasing amount of research going on in the area related to automated driving technology.

    Written by Martyn Williams08 July 13 23:53

Whitepapers about Automotive

  • Shifting gears in the automotive industry

    With each passing day, technology is disrupting industries with new ideas and applications. The automotive industry is not immune to the disruption and new technology is creating endless opportunities for innovation. This whitepaper looks at the new landscape manufacturers are facing - from the design process to the manufacturing and after-sales services.