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  • Australia ‘asleep at the wheel’ in autonomous vehicle race

    Australia’s recent fall from 14th to 15th position in the 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index is “unacceptable and should sound alarm bells”, according to the nation’s peak driverless vehicle industry collective.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien14 Feb. 19 14:41
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  • Experts only: time to ditch the antivirus?

    To the average IT security practitioner, the idea of disabling antivirus on new machines might seem blasphemous. After all, <a href="http://www.csoonline.com/article/342820">weren't we all told in IT Security 101 that everyone needs AV</a> to keep the malware and data thieves at bay?

    Written by Bill Brenner25 June 09 06:50