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  • Get 5GB of free cloud-sync storage from SugarSync

    Wouldn't it be cool if you had a "magic" folder on your PC, one that automatically synced its contents with the Web, your other PCs, your cell phone, and other devices?

    Written by Rick Broida11 Nov. 10 09:42
  • Safely dual-boot Windows 7 and XP

    QUESTION My PC dual-boots Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Every time I work in XP I lose all my restore points in Windows 7.

    Written by Chris Byers03 Aug. 10 02:41
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  • When Your CRM System Passes 1 Million Records

    There isn't a sales force in the world that says it has enough Leads. And you won't find many marketing VPs who want to do fewer campaigns. So there's a never-ending stream of new leads, prospect interactions, and conversations to be stored in the CRM system. At companies in consumer markets, open source software, and other categories it's not unusual to find a million leads or more. But that's just the beginning: if you're using the latest marketing automation system, every e-mail, web download, and prospect response is recorded in the CRM system. And if you have a large call center, every call and e-mail exchange should be recorded well.

    Written by David Taber04 March 10 08:18
  • Why the Cloud Should Have Your Back-Up

    I realize I'm dating myself, but the first computer I ever owned didn't have a hard drive. It had two drive bays that held 5.25 inch floppies. Later, I bought a then revolutionary machine, an 8086 I think, with a 40 MB hard drive, and I wondered how anyone could ever fill it up. And the last time I moved, I discovered a box filled with floppies and 250 MB Zip drives.

    Written by Bill Snyder15 Dec. 09 05:53
  • Raiders of the Lost Archive: SaaS, Disaster Recovery

    Backup, archival, recovery, and redundant operations for business continuity are key success factors for industrial strength IT. But how do the rules of the game change with multi-tenant SaaS applications?

    Written by David Taber10 Sept. 09 01:48

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