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  • Analysts react to Salesforce Tableau grab

    In what will be the largest acquisition in Salesforce history, “the move is not a big surprise,” according to Forrester VP and principal analyst Liz Herbert, speaking about the US $15.7 billion acquisition of analytics platform vendor Tableau.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 June 19 14:16
  • In pictures: Turning insight into action - and your competitive edge - CIO Roundtable

    Australian CIOs continue to embrace digital transformation strategies at accelerated rates and increasingly recognise they need to transform data into actionable intelligence to succeed. Now more than ever, CIOs need to enable smarter decision-making, strengthen customer relationships and drive growth - and are turning to the power of business intelligence, advanced analytics - and even artificial intelligence - to achieve real-world tangible results. A group of IT leaders gathered in Sydney to discuss their challenges and opportunities in the business intelligence and data analytics journey.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien29 Nov. 18 14:25
  • Rambo and the machine learning models helping Sportsbet up its games

    ​A Netflix-style recommendation engine on steroids, a Google AdWords beater and a souped-up game simulator are among a number of machine learning models at work behind the scenes at online bookmaker Sportsbet, the company has revealed.

    Written by George Nott06 March 18 10:44
  • BI power shifting from IT to the business

    Traditional business intelligence and analytic models are being disturbed as the balance of power shifts from IT to the business, according to Gartner.

    Written by Byron Connolly28 Jan. 15 10:37
  • Top 3 wrong assumptions of business analytics

    Executing an effective business intelligence (BI) strategy is at the front of many CIO's minds as their organisations rely more and more on data to make decisions. But many of these IT leaders are making the wrong assumptions about BI, says Gartner research director Svetlana Sicular.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett25 Feb. 14 13:12
  • Facebook Releases Query Engine to Open Source Community

    Facebook has released Presto -- a distributed SQL query engine optimized for running ad-hoc interactive queries on data sources up to petabytes in size -- to the open source community under the Apache license. It says Presto is 10x better than Hive.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud06 Nov. 13 19:10
  • Teradata turns to the Cloud, offers Data Warehouse as a Service

    Aiming to give customers the flexibility to store, process and leverage their data on-premises, in the Cloud or in a hybrid environment, Teradata is making its portfolio of platforms and services available via the Cloud, including Data Warehouse as a Service, Discovery as a Service and Data Management as a Service.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud23 Oct. 13 19:05
  • Pentaho Addresses Data Blending with Updated Business Analytics Platform

    Once you've addressed storing and visualizing your data assets, the next step in harnessing the power of big data is blending operational data with data from other sources. Pentaho is seeking to smooth the path for organizations looking to do so with its new Business Analytics 5.0 platform.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud13 Sept. 13 17:43
  • BI gives Melbourne Health patient care insights

    Melbourne Health has built a new data warehouse and adopted a business intelligence (BI) platform to get better insights into how well it is serving patients and managing its budget.

    Written by Adam Bender12 Sept. 13 09:31
  • Splunk and Pentaho Bring Business Intelligence to Machine Data

    Splunk, a specialist in operational intelligence, and business intelligence platform provider Pentaho have formed an alliance designed to bring Splunk's machine-generated data out from the IT department and make it available to business users.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud07 Aug. 13 19:05
  • Microsoft Makes Data Mining Self-Service With BI for Office 365

    Microsoft is attempting to break down the barriers to business intelligence with Power BI for Office 365, which is designed to let companies gain new insights by tapping both structured and unstructured and internal and external data.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud08 July 13 23:29
  • Hadoop Is Not Just for Linux Anymore

    The expanded partnership between Microsoft and Hadoop distribution specialist Hortonworks has borne fruit with the release of a beta of Hortonworks' Hadoop Data Platform for Windows.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud25 Feb. 13 15:36
  • Five tips to find and hire data scientists

    Data scientists are in demand in this era of big data. IT hiring managers, however, are struggling in their search for qualified candidates (as even the candidates themselves may not realise they are a fit for the role). Here are five ways you can recruit data scientists.

    Written by Lauren Brousell03 Dec. 12 10:40
  • Beyond the Hype of Big Data

    Forrester estimates that, in general, firms use less than 5 percent of the data available to them. We also estimate that data is growing about 40-50 percent annually, but the average enterprise only captures around 25-30 percent of that. This means there is a bunch of data not being captured and used by your firm, and the divide is going to grow over time. So what?

    Written by Brian Hopkins01 Nov. 11 08:52