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News about Big Switch Networks
  • Dell adds Big Switch to its SDN mix

    Dell expanded on its open networking initiative this week with a resale arrangement with SDN company Big Switch Networks.

    Written by Jim Duffy25 April 14 02:06
  • Big Switch lowers forecast for OpenDaylight SDN effort

    Citing concerns over technical and market direction, Big Switch Networks has downgraded its participation in the OpenDaylight consortium, a multivendor effort to define an open source SDN framework.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 June 13 14:43
  • Big Switch looks to ramp up OpenFlow implementations

    In an effort to accelerate the adoption of OpenFlow for software-defined networking, Big Switch Networks this week unveiled an open source-based "thin" virtual switch for servers and commodity switches.

    Written by Jim Duffy26 March 13 15:59
  • Intel invests in SDN pioneer Big Switch Networks

    Intel Capital has invested in software-defined networking company Big Switch Networks, as it hopes to help the company change the way data centers are networked.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs08 Feb. 13 12:29
Features about Big Switch Networks
  • Clarifying the role of software-defined networking northbound APIs

    What of the oft-mentioned northbound APIs that will let applications tell the controller what they need from the network? What kind of progress is the Open Networking Foundation making on that front? Network World Editor in Chief John Dix put the question to Robert Sherwood, CTO of Big Switch Networks and head of the ONF's Architecture and Framework Working Group.

    Written by John Dix02 May 13 23:26
  • 6 Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software

    Open source software is free to download, modify and use, but that doesn't mean it's not worth paying for sometimes. If you're using open source software in a commercial, enterprise capacity, here are six reasons why you should pay for free software.

    Written by Paul Rubens13 Feb. 13 22:00