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  • Boards, not IT, should govern technology

    Company boards must maintain responsibility for governing large IT projects rather than give up control to the IT department, according to IT industry veteran, Russell Yardley.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner11 Aug. 15 14:29
  • The rise of the digitally-savvy board

    There are a myriad of ways that Australia can break free of its status as an innovation laggard. In the final section of this three part series, we focus on how Australian boards can foster innovation with their approach to digital technologies and strategies.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner19 May 15 09:45
  • CIOs Say Corporate Directors Are Clueless About IT

    Our exclusive research shows that boards of directors still don't understand the role that IT can play in driving business innovation. It's the CIO's job to change that.

    Written by Kim S. Nash15 Nov. 12 13:43
Features about boards
  • Sydney Water IT security manager talks governance strategy

    Information security governance should not be treated like corporate governance, IT security steering committees must have the right stakeholders and the board can remain largely unaware of security issues. Those are key strategies for effective security governance, says IT security and assurance manager at Sydney Water, Stephen Frede.

    Written by Rodney Gedda03 Sept. 10 09:41
  • How IT is Set Up to Fail

    Ten years ago, I started asking CIOs a question: When you walked into your job, what did you find? The answer, roughly 90 percent of the time: "I inherited a mess. The IT organization had major delivery problems and no credibility with the business." A decade later, I am getting the same answer. How can this be? Is every CIO I have ever spoken to an idiot? Or, more plausibly, is there something so inherently problematic about the CIO role that even the most talented and experienced leaders have trouble making it work?

    Written by Martha Heller07 Jan. 10 08:47