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  • Cheaper equipment to give fast copper broadband a boost

    Vendors are working on products to lower the cost of building copper-based broadband with bandwidth up to 100M bps, and are at the same time getting ready to increase speeds even further.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 Oct. 13 15:51
  • Broadcom to cut 1,150 jobs in restructuring

    Communications chip maker Broadcom is cutting approximately 1,150 jobs, nearly one-tenth of its workforce, as part of a global restructuring.

    Written by Stephen Lawson23 Oct. 13 20:29
  • Chip makers advancing in-car entertainment

    Chip makers like Broadcom and Renesas Electronics are ramping up in-car entertainment with faster processors and networks for wireless HD movies and navigation, aiming to keep drivers informed and passengers entertained.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs04 Oct. 13 13:23
  • WLAN revenues dip as buyers wait for 11ac products

    Revenues for wireless LAN products dropped 7% in Q1 2013 compared to the previous quarter. The drop in part is due to buyers delaying purchases as they wait for new WLAN products based on the so-called "Gigabit Wi-Fi" standard, IEEE 802.11ac, according to Infonetics Research.

    Written by John Cox31 May 13 14:01
  • Aruba Networks latest to unveil 802.11ac access points

    Aruba Networks became the latest company to announce Wi-Fi access points that can support over 1Gbps throughput, at the cellular industry's CTIA show in Las Vegas this week.

    Written by John Cox21 May 13 13:30
  • Small-cell chip, network rollouts point to a diverse future

    In Star Wars terms, the small cells that mobile carriers and vendors will be talking up this week at Mobile World Congress are more like the odd-couple androids R2-D2 and C-3PO than like their foes, the Empire's phalanxes of identical storm troopers.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Feb. 13 14:44
  • G.hn home-network backers look to Asia

    Vendors developing gear with G.hn, a home networking standard that can work with four different types of wires, say Asia is shaping up as a land of opportunity.

    Written by Stephen Lawson09 Jan. 13 17:28
  • Broadcom gears up to bring UltraHD video into homes

    As TV makers show off UltraHD TVs at CES, communications chip maker Broadcom is introducing the guts of future gateways that will be able to bring video for those sets into viewers' homes.

    Written by Stephen Lawson08 Jan. 13 18:08
  • Broadcom says chip integration will drive NFC adoption

    Broadcom thinks it can make NFC a common smartphone feature by offering it in a chip with other wireless technologies, even if making payments with the technology doesn't catch on for years.

    Written by Stephen Lawson12 Dec. 12 02:14
  • NICS and net management: Emulex buying Endace

    Emulex, a Costa Mesa, Calif., maker of products for connecting servers, storage and switches in data centers, is buying New Zealand network performance management company Endace for about $130 million in cash.

    Written by Network World staff05 Dec. 12 22:46