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  • CEOs see IT as revenue creating more than cost saving

    There has been a reverse in the interest of CEOs in IT projects that save the business money to initiatives that make money, Harvey Nash’s latest CIO survey has revealed.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett19 May 15 13:06
  • Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out

    Tableau will showcase beta version 9.0 of its data visualization and analysis software to a large group of customers today, touting features that include drag-and-drop analytics as well as data-preparation features that formerly had to be done outside the application.

    Written by Sharon Machlis12 March 15 00:20
  • IBM Watson Analytics now open for business

    IBM Watson, apparently not content with its Jeopardy winnings, is looking for work. After a lot of buildup, Watson Analytics, the natural language business intelligence tool based on Big Blue's famed AI, is now available in beta under a freemium model where it's free to get started -- but the really powerful analytics are going to cost you.

    Written by Matt Weinberger05 Dec. 14 07:52
  • Pilbara 4G LTE network, BI dashboard feature in state iAwards

    The 2014 national iAward finalists and WAiTTA winners for Western Australia, along with ACT iAward winners, were announced last week. The state iAwards recognised a wide variety of technologies, ranging from Rio Tinto’s 4G LTE network to National Blood Authority’s treatment management app.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett23 June 14 12:41
  • Dodo adapts to market with business intelligence

    Dodo has adjusted marketing and its range of energy and telecom services over the last three years based on insights learned from a business intelligence (BI) platform, according to M2 Telecommunications consumer director, Boris Rozenvasser.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Sept. 13 09:45
  • In pictures: QlikTech takes harbour cruise

    Business intelligence (BI) software vendor QlikTech hosted the Australian leg of their business discovery world tour on a Sydney harbour cruise this week. The customer event discussed current trends in BI.

    Written by Hamish Barwick15 March 13 09:57
  • 10 steps to successfully incorporate Big Data into your BI program

    Every day, organisations are producing and capturing enormous amounts of information about their customers, suppliers and operations. Add to this the information now available from multimedia, smart phones and social networking sites, and we are faced with more data than ever before.

    Written by Conrad Bates and Cameron Wall11 Oct. 11 13:25
  • Dulux Group face up to tablet dilemma

    The use of business intelligence (BI) has improved sales for home improvement and paint specialists, Dulux Group, but now the company faces a tablet dilemma.

    Written by Hamish Barwick10 Aug. 11 14:35
  • Has business intelligence failed?

    To help businesses get smarter and stronger, business intelligence (BI) systems analyse and synthesise huge pools of corporate data to create terabytes of performance-enhancing information for enterprises of all sizes.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss21 June 11 08:18
  • Top five rules for CIOs to minimise risk on BI projects

    Business Intelligence (BI) can have a profound effect on business decision making, but an increasingly complex environment teamed with heightened expectations from across the business often opens BI implementations up to a multitude of problems, risks and potential failings. Conrad Bates and Cameron Wall, managing partners of C3 Business Solutions, map out the best approach for CIOs to ensure their BI investment becomes a powerful corporate asset.

    Written by Conrad Bates and Cameron Wall08 June 11 10:04
  • Touch Networks deploys BI strategy

    A desire to restructure its business infrastructure coupled with an IT team focusing purely on internal projects allowed Touch Networks to deploy a business intelligence (BI) strategy to its growing business.

    Written by Lisa Banks30 March 11 12:06