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  • An IT department's crucial role in a new product launch

    In late 2008, Monsanto licensed a seed coating that helps corn, soybean and other seeds fight insects and disease during the tricky germination stage. By early 2009, company scientists had finished work on that cocktail of fungicides and insecticides, dubbed Acceleron, and the company wanted to get the coating to market in time for the 2010 planting season. "We were going after that opportunity very aggressively. If we don't hit season, that opportunity is another 12 months away," says CIO Shirley Cunningham.

    Written by Kim S. Nash22 July 10 07:01
  • BI's Dirty Secret: Better Tools No Match for Bad Strategy

    The pressure on CIOs to deliver business intelligence tools and analytic applications--on the cheap and ASAP--has been building steadily for years. In 2010, survey results point out that that demand has reached a fever pitch with which CIOs are very familiar.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum02 Feb. 10 06:45
  • Mind Your Own Business Intelligence

    When I saw in IDC’s latest Forecast for Management Survey that business intelligence and security were no longer in the list of top 10 CIO priorities, I almost spilled my coffee. Have we learned nothing from the last 12 months?

    Written by Matt Rodgers19 Nov. 09 05:41
  • Large Data Set Analysis in the Cloud: Hadoop Gets a boost

    The changing nature of IT, as well as the rapid evolution of business processes, means that you'll likely face the need for an analytical tool like Hadoop in the very near future.

    Written by Bernard Golden10 April 09 07:15
  • How IT could have prevented the financial meltdown

    In the coming weeks the feds and the surviving financial services institutions will have the daunting task of unraveling all the securitized loans and other instruments that are hiding the toxic investments. But does the technology exist to do that? And if so, could it have been used to prevent the bad debt from hitting the fan in the first place?

    Written by Ephraim Schwartz25 Sept. 08 09:05
  • Building a new window into crime

    By combining business intelligence and two foundations of Web 2.0 -- search and mapping -- a police department in the US state of Kentucky has built a brand-new window into crime. This Web-based BI portal allows patrol officers to enter data -- or even pieces of data such as a few numbers from a license plate -- into a simple search interface and retrieve information from their own databases and those of neighboring towns.

    Written by Heather Havenstein12 Sept. 08 10:18