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  • Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes

    What good is big data if you don't have the proper tools to make sense of it? A startup, Kyvos Insights, can transform terabytes of information stored on Hadoop clusters into easy-to-parse data cubes, the format business analysts prefer.

    Written by Joab Jackson01 July 15 08:12
  • MicroStrategy 10 promises enhanced BI with more governance, security

    Recognizing the growing tension between IT departments and enterprise users eager for more self-serve analytics tools, MicroStrategy has added heightened security and governance capabilities to the latest version of its namesake BI platform.

    Written by Katherine Noyes05 June 15 04:05
  • New query language could turn log files into business insights

    IT departments have long relied on log data to help keep systems up and running, but they're not the only ones who can benefit from these vast stores of information. A new analytics language from Logentries could help managers tap log data to gain insights about their business.

    Written by Katherine Noyes29 May 15 11:20
  • Salesforce doubles down on big data with new analytics tool

    All the data "lakes" in the world won't amount to much if you can't figure out what they mean for your business. With that in mind, Salesforce on Thursday unveiled Salesforce Wave for Big Data, a new tool designed to help business users make sense of their information stores using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

    Written by Katherine Noyes28 May 15 22:00
  • Tableau revs its analytics engines with an online speed injection

    Back in April, Tableau released version 9.0 of its flagship analytics software, and on Monday the company followed up with an update to the product's online edition that it says is up to 10 times faster than its predecessor.

    Written by Katherine Noyes19 May 15 04:03
  • Oracle zeroes in on Hadoop data with new analytics tool

    The rise of Hadoop has created new oceans of data to explore, and Oracle has a new software product that's designed to help. Called Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph, it brings new analytic capabilities to Hadoop and NoSQL.

    Written by Katherine Noyes15 May 15 08:47
  • SAP CEO touts tighter Google ties

    SAP is deepening its partnership with Google and will collaborate with the search giant on new projects focused on business analytics and enterprise applications.

    Written by Katherine Noyes06 May 15 03:23
  • YouEye targets qualitative data with new analytics platform

    Most tools in the booming field of analytics rely on quantitative data. Analytics tends to work best with large numbers of numerical data points; smaller data sets and those where the data isn't easily quantified can present problems.

    Written by Katherine Noyes15 April 15 09:52
  • Microsoft scoops up Datazen to help mobilize BI

    Microsoft has been nothing if not voracious this year when it comes to acquiring promising young companies, and on Tuesday it snatched up yet another: Datazen Software, which focuses on mobile business intelligence.

    Written by Katherine Noyes15 April 15 05:22