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  • Need to plumb Hadoop data lakes? This new tool can help

    Think Big on Monday took the wraps off its Dashboard Engine for Hadoop, which aims to make it easier for business users to extract insights from the vast lakes of data stored in Hadoop.

    Written by Katherine Noyes14 April 15 03:12
  • AtScale opens Hadoop's big-data vaults to nonexpert business users

    When it comes to business intelligence, most enterprise users are intimately acquainted with tools such as Microsoft Excel. They tend to feel less comfortable with data-management technologies like Hadoop -- despite the considerable insights such tools could offer.

    Written by Katherine Noyes08 April 15 01:55
  • Why analytics is eating the world

    It's been nearly four years since investor and entrepreneur, Marc Andreessen, proclaimed that software is "eating the world", and the evidence is everywhere. Full-scale transformations are being wrought upon companies and industries alike, from financial services to agriculture to advertising.

    Written by Katherine Noyes24 March 15 11:01
  • Six features coming to Tableau's new BI analytics suite

    Tableau Software will release a big update to its business intelligence software in the coming weeks, promising that customers will be able to spend more time on data analysis and less on "data wrangling."

    Written by Katherine Noyes21 March 15 09:14
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets an analytics-infused update

    Following the launch of Dynamics CRM 2015 last November, Microsoft on Monday announced a Spring update to the software that promises new social, mobile and analytics capabilities along with closer integration with Office 365.

    Written by Katherine Noyes17 March 15 05:53
  • Feds look to developers to improve big data, open source projects

    The vision behind the open source and big data initiatives underway in the federal government is far more ambitious than just a series of technology projects, but aims to further transparency, citizen engagement and achieve a major shift in agency culture.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin17 March 15 01:17
  • German industry is poised to exploit rural broadband

    Internet speeds of 50Mbps are nothing but a pipe dream for most inhabitants of Britain, while even 5Mbps would be a welcome boost for many living in remote areas.

    Written by Peter Sayer16 March 15 08:16
  • Tableau adds new enticements to its free data visualization tool

    Tableau's Web-based version of its analytics system allows data visualizations to be published, re-used, and embedded in Web pages as if they were YouTube videos. But the full product comes with a sizeable cost: $1K per user and up.

    Written by Serdar Yegulalp12 March 15 07:11
  • With Spotfire 7, Tibco aims to make analytics more accessible

    Scan through the news announcements in the world of enterprise software lately, and there's a good chance you'll notice an overriding theme. It focuses on analytics, and it's all about putting the power of that once-highly specialized function within the hands of a broader spectrum of business users.

    Written by Katherine Noyes04 March 15 06:48
  • For Attensity's BI parsing tool, emoticons are no problem

    For enterprises seeking to monitor the conversations going on about them in the world, the sheer volume of data is just the beginning of the challenge. Even more daunting is making sense of it all -- a task that can test the resources of the largest organization.

    Written by Katherine Noyes27 Feb. 15 11:49