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  • Four takeaways from Cisco's Q1

    Four things are clear from Cisco’s better-than-expected Q1 FY 2013 results:

    Written by Jim Duffy15 Nov. 12 01:50
  • 8 IT Healthcare Trends for Tech Job Seekers in 2013

    IT Healthcare is moving at a staggering pace. To help you stay ahead of the curve as the new year approaches, CIO.com spoke with CIOs and healthcare IT experts about trends to look out for in 2013.

    Written by Rich Hein13 Nov. 12 14:51
  • Most memorable tech industry apologies of 2012: From Apple to Google to Microsoft

    Tech vendors have been as bombastic as ever promoting the magical and amazing things their latest smartphones, cloud computing wares and network gear can do. When things go wrong, they're naturally a little less visible, but plenty of companies have sucked it up and done the right thing this year (perhaps with a little legal prodding here and there) and publicly apologized for minor and major customers inconveniences.

    Written by Bob Brown08 Nov. 12 20:53
  • 5 Ways to Build Better IT Outsourcing Relationships

    IT leaders may be well-versed in the latest technologies and service provider offerings, but they may need help building a long-term relationship that addresses such ever-changing criteria such as innovation and performance. Here are five key levers that can impact outsourcing costs and lead to a healthier relationship.

    Written by Stephanie Overby26 Oct. 12 14:18
  • Zuckerberg dazzles Wall Street with Q3 mobile progress

    Facebook, which had been in the doghouse with Wall Street since it went public, wowed investors with its third-quarter report on Tuesday, in particular with its improvements and early results in the crucial mobile market.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 Oct. 12 04:33
  • The Power of IT Drives Businesses Forward

    One of the most overused terms I've heard in the past few years as CEO of an IT consulting and staffing firm has to be the word "alignment." Think about it. How many times have you heard phrases like, "IT must learn to align with the business" or that "smart CIOs know that in order to succeed, IT must align with the business"?

    Written by Marilyn Weinstein20 Jan. 11 07:19
  • The world according to Michael Arrington

    Ah, AOL -- just when it looked like you were about to slip into boring mediocrity, you surprise us yet again with your antics.

    Written by Robert X. Cringely15 Jan. 11 06:26
  • AOL swallows TechCrunch -- but can they keep it down?

    What do you get when you mix a tottering giant from the InterWebs' formative years with the new breed of post-first-ask-questions-later news blogs? We're about to find out, now that AOL has swallowed up TechCrunch.

    Written by Robert X. Cringely30 Sept. 10 09:15
  • Five-year plan: 8 problems IT must solve

    There's a reason that so many businesses create five-year plans: If they're reasonable, they're achievable. Setting goals within that timeframe allows room for prioritization and opportunities to deal with the unexpected.

    Written by Paul Venezia27 Sept. 10 20:08
  • Your Leadership Portfolio: The View from C-level

    Former senior IT leaders who rise to head of the function are often surprised by the competencies that they are expected to have at the C-level.

    Written by Steve Kelner and Chris Patrick24 July 10 07:45
  • IT Outsourcing Activity Remains Sluggish in 2010

    The outlook for the IT outsourcing market is not unlike the outlook for the economy as a whole: It's "unusually uncertain," to use U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's words.

    Written by Stephanie Overby23 July 10 00:59
  • SAP-Sybase: What to expect in the first 90 days

    Now that SAP's roughly $US6 billion acquisition of Sybase has gained clearance from European regulators, it may not be long before the deal is finalised. With that in mind, users and partners of the companies have much to consider during the next few months, analysts say.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus23 July 10 05:51