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  • Ink-shooting game 'Splatoon' helps power Nintendo to profit

    Japanese gaming icon Nintendo posted a profit for the April-June quarter on Wednesday thanks in part to surging sales of a game in which players can squirt ink all over the place and transform into squids.

    Written by Tim Hornyak29 July 15 19:20
  • Facebook prevails in shareholder lawsuit over IPO

    An appeals court has ruled that shareholders cannot sue Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg in a case that accused the company of withholding key financial information from the public until after its IPO.

    Written by Zach Miners25 July 15 06:26
  • Traction Watch: A look at why 5 tech startups failed

    Let's face it, not every company will succeed. Sometimes there's a fine line between success and failure. Many factors can stop a good idea in its tracks -- sometimes it's just dumb luck. There are countless examples of failed business attempts that you can learn from, but we've picked five notable businesses from Autopsy - Lessons from Failed Startups -- a website that documents the demise of startups and the reasons they fail -- that seemingly had it all but couldn't gain traction with their customers.

    Written by Mike Houghton24 July 15 06:05
  • Traction Watch: Chef cooks up recipe for DevOps success

    Seattle-based Chef provides a DevOps automation model that turns infrastructure into code. Chef’s goal is to enable businesses of all types to stay competitive and agile by transitioning them into software-driven companies.

    Written by James A. Martin24 July 15 05:50
  • Qualcomm plans cuts, may spin off assets

    Qualcomm will cut costs by about $1.4 billion per year and study the possible sale of assets as part of a company realignment.

    Written by Stephen Lawson23 July 15 07:11
  • Biggest tech industry layoffs of 2015, so far

    While the United States unemployment rate has hit a post-recession low, the network and computing industry has not been without significant layoffs so far in 2015.

    Written by Bob Brown, IDG News Service staff23 July 15 03:34
  • CTIA: FCC transparency guidelines 'irrational'

    The wireless industry's chief lobbying group today issued comments on part of the FCC'S Open Internet Order that went into effect last month, saying that provisions requiring better disclosure of network management, performance and pricing figures are unfair and burdensome.

    Written by Jon Gold23 July 15 00:31