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News about Canon
  • Ubuntu still vulnerable to time-twiddling hack

    A security flaw in a common Unix software component remains unpatched in one of the most popular Linux distributions, more than a year after an official fix was published.

    Written by Jon Gold01 May 15 06:34
  • Canon XC10 4K camcorder has rotating grip

    Canon thinks a rotating grip will help entice amateur video buffs to spend around US$2,000 on its latest camcorder offering "ultra high definition" resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, also known as 4K.

    Written by Tim Hornyak08 April 15 21:48
Tutorials about Canon
  • Digitize your pictures

    Today the digital camera is ubiquitous, but photos used to be taken by momentarily exposing something called "film" to light. Yes, film--the ode to photo-sensitive chemical reactions that produced all of the pictures made before 1990 or so. Those images were, and quite of­­ten still are, transferred to photo paper and pasted into coffee table al­­bums. Sometimes they were processed into transparent 35mm slides and projected onto white screens for everyone's en­­joyment (or boredom, depending).

    Written by Jon L. Jacobi03 March 11 01:58