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  • 9 IT Career Resolutions for 2013

    As 2012 comes to a close, IT job seekers should already be formulating a plan for career growth and professional development in 2013.

    Written by Rich Hein26 Dec. 12 16:30
  • Developing the Competencies of a Future-State CIO

    Outstanding CIOs most resemble outstanding CEOs. That was the eye-opening benchmark established when the CIO Executive Council, as part of its Future-State CIO initiative, teamed up with Egon Zehnder International (EZI) two years ago to build a leadership competency assessment for CIOs and senior IT leaders.

    Written by Steve Kelner and Chris Patrick19 April 10 06:41
  • How CIOs Can Stay Tech-Saavy

    As you assumed the role of CIO, your workdays became more business-focused. You've probably spent more time in meetings with business execs talking budgets and strategy than with technologists talking Ruby on Rails. As a result, your core tech skills--the ones you cultivated and mastered early in your career--are getting rusty. Revisiting those skills is exceedingly important, though, and can help you build stronger relationships within your department.

    Written by Kristin Burnham30 Oct. 09 09:45