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  • CIO Executive Council launches Pathways Express

    The CIO Executive Council has launched Pathways Express, a one-day intensive learning and development program for organisations that want to improve the business acumen of their senior ICT executives.

    Written by CIO Staff24 June 14 16:38
  • Simon Pomeroy of Westpac NZ: Inside the digital suite

    A background in human resources led Simon Pomeroy to one of the most in demand executive roles today. He lifts the lid on what it is like to be chief digital officer in one of the largest enterprises in New Zealand, and in a very competitive sector.

    Written by Divina Paredes29 May 14 05:59
  • Victoria government to review ICT skills

    The Victorian government seeks to address demand for ICT and related skills across government and industry in the state, according to the Victorian Government’s chief technology advocate, Grantly Mailes.

    Written by Adam Bender01 Oct. 13 12:59
  • IT Job Market Bounces Back in October

    The IT sector saw in an increase of 12,500 jobs for October, well above the 2012 average and a strong turnaround from a 1,700 job loss in September.

    Written by Rich Hein05 Nov. 12 22:22
  • IT Industry Gains 100,000 Jobs in First Half of 2012

    The latest IT job report from TechAmerica shows growth in tech industries for the first half of 2012. While the 1.7 percent increase appears modest, it equates to almost 100,000 new jobs for IT professionals.

    Written by Rich Hein26 Oct. 12 13:38
  • How to tame a bad boss: 8 practical techniques

    If you're one of the many unfortunate souls who reports to a bad boss, you may think your only options are to find a new job or continue to take crap from your corporate Caligula.

    Written by Meridith Levinson08 Dec. 11 07:18
  • Q&A: Barwon Health CIO, Ann Larkins

    A tertiary nursing education and years of clinical experience combined with a Masters in Business Technology helped prepare Ann Larkins for the CIO role at Barwon Health.

    Written by Chloe Herrick02 Nov. 11 12:02
  • How to address failure in a job interview

    For CIOs who experience some kind of enterprise IT failure in the course of their careers-whether a high-profile security breach, massive network outage, or multi-million dollar ERP boondoggle-the incident can feel like a career killer. But unless a CIO repeatedly makes the same mistake, or the failure stemmed from some illegal or "just plain stupid" action, it won't end a CIO's career, says Mark Polansky, senior client partner and managing director of Korn/Ferry International's Information Officers practice.

    Written by Meridith Levinson29 June 11 06:55
  • Cloud CIO: In defense of corporate IT

    Last week's blog post, Cloud CIO: Yes, Your Job is at Risk, was one of the most widely-read-and definitely the most -post I've ever written for Clearly, the discussion of cloud computing's effect on a CIO's career struck a nerve with readers.

    Written by Bernard Golden16 June 11 02:33