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  • Census outage caused by DoS attacks says ABS

    ​The Australian Bureau of Statistics has blamed Denial of Service attacks originating from overseas for the outage which hit the census website last night. But security experts have expressed their doubts.

    Written by George Nott10 Aug. 16 09:43
  • Government to tip $250M into ABS to modernise IT

    The Federal Government will invest around $250 million over five years to modernise IT infrastructure and statistical analysis processes at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

    Written by Byron Connolly07 May 15 10:33
  • ABS private cloud may host eCensus

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has virtualized its server infrastructure to form its own private cloud with the potential to host the 2016 eCensus thus avoiding a $9 million outsourcing contract.

    Written by Rodney Gedda21 April 09 14:20