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News about CEO CIO Relationship
  • CIOs get ready to break career glass ceiling: report

    More CIOs in Asia Pacific are confident that they have what it takes to become a CEO, according to the results of a new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).

    Written by Hamish Barwick20 Nov. 14 11:20
  • Stop Your Company From Looking Outside for a CIO

    When I ask CIOs about their successor, I get one of three answers: Fifty percent tell me, "I am grooming two people, but they still have some development ahead of them." Roughly thirty percent say, "I have someone who could be CIO tomorrow." The rest of the time I hear, "Not by a long shot." Despite the fact that most CIOs have a successor in mind, I would wager that fewer than 10 percent of today's large-company CIOs have been promoted from within. Hence the paradox: You develop successors, yet the CEO almost always goes outside for the next CIO.

    Written by Martha Heller18 June 10 01:30
  • Demand increases for CEO evaluations

    Business leaders who struggled through the GFC may be in for a rude shock when CEO contracts come up for renewal this year amid a climate of tougher shareholder expectations.

    Written by Lisa Banks30 June 10 14:22
  • What Do CEOs Want from CIOs?

    Debates about how CIOs can earn a "seat at the table" have been going on for so long now that the phrase itself has become a tiresome cliche.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson15 June 10 06:45
  • Why CIOs Need to Think Like CEOs

    CIOs who focus on business strategy are surprisingly similar to CEOs. Although most CIOs profess no interest in running a company, thinking more like the CEO can only strengthen the CEO-CIO partnership and sharpen the strategic impact of the role.

    Written by Richard Pastore15 June 10 05:06
Features about CEO CIO Relationship
  • Taking the temperature of the CEO-CIO relationship

    While they are not Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, a company's CEO and CIO can at times make a fairly odd couple. Differing agendas create significant challenges from the outset. At the same time, we all understand it is critical for the CIO to engage the CEO and senior business leaders in discussions of IT investments. Considering those somewhat contradictory points, what exactly is the state of the union between business and IT leaders?

    Written by Chris Curran26 March 10 09:11
  • Vendor View: The CIO juggling act

    The evolution of the influence of the CIO is leading to a juggling act; there are now three pairs of roles that a CIO must fulfil in order to drive business forward and continue to maintain operations.

    Written by Martin Stubbs-Race08 Oct. 09 11:12
  • Think Tank: Winning the "Board" game

    CIOs who don't present well or fail to engage their board of directors are at serious risk of derailing their career. Here's how to get board presentations right.

    Written by Hemant Kogekar16 Sept. 09 07:50