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  • PHP at 20: From pet project to powerhouse

    When Rasmus Lerdorf released "a set of small tight CGI binaries written in C," he had no idea how much his creation would impact Web development. Delivering the opening keynote at this year's SunshinePHP conference in Miami, Lerdorf quipped, "In 1995, I thought I had unleashed a C API upon the Web. Obviously, that's not what happened, or we'd all be C programmers."

    Written by Ben Ramsey12 June 15 01:40
  • Fugitive Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Thailand

    A co-founder of the Pirate Bay file-sharing service who had fled from Swedish authorities was nabbed at the border between Thailand and Laos, according to local news reports Tuesday.

    Written by Gregg Keizer05 Nov. 14 07:45
  • Feds to dump CGI from project

    The Obama Administration is set to fire CGI Federal as prime IT contractor of the problem-plagued website, a report says.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan10 Jan. 14 21:01
  • may be a 'black swan'

    Despite partisan sniping over the Affordable Care Act, members of a U.S. House committee probing the problems at Thursday asked some tough, IT-specific questions that revealed some key facts.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau25 Oct. 13 10:04