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  • Project management methodologies

    Project Management Methodologies are a series of different processes designed to assist project managers and those overseeing or involved with projects

    Written by CIO Staff04 Oct. 11 15:12
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  • How BYOD saved VMware $US2 million

    As more companies adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to mobile, many are getting caught by hidden costs. But virtualization titan VMware has bucked that trend. VMware CIO Mark Egan explains how his company accomplished its feat.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud01 Feb. 13 15:20
  • A new era of IT transformation

    The days of large IT transformation projects are over. In their place will be a new kind of IT transformation: smaller in scale, near-constant and more responsive to business needs — but with vast potential to revolutionise how IT is used by enterprises.

    Written by CIO Staff06 Dec. 11 07:39
  • Harness disruption or become obsolete: Forrester

    Five years ago, Nokia dominated the smartphone market. How quickly things change. But before you sit back and think, ‘that won’t happen to me’, take a look at the competitive environment in which your company operates. Daunting, isn’t it?

    Written by Georgina Swan05 April 11 18:03
  • De-scarifying Change

    Selling change is never easy. Improving your soft skills and learning how to engage people in a direct and personal way can often mean the difference between success and failure.

    Written by Sue Bushell24 Feb. 09 12:29

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