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  • The cultural change at IP Australia making data an asset

    ‘Treat data as an asset’ sounds like a straightforward and sensible maxim for any government agency to abide by. It was one published in bold type in IP Australia’s corporate plan from a few years back.

    Written by George Nott17 Sept. 18 12:52
  • 7 hot new IT jobs — and why they just might stick

    From CIoTO to automation architect, new IT roles are rising to fill emerging needs. Some may fizzle, but others may have a long future thanks to underlying IT trends.

    Written by Paul Heltzel15 Aug. 17 06:59
  • ANZ welcomes Emma Gray as new data chief

    ANZ has crowned Emma Gray as its first chief data officer tasked with overseeing the bank’s data strategy, including how data is defined, gathered managed and protected.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 Feb. 17 09:04
  • The number of chief data officers more than doubles

    The number of chief data officers worldwide has more than doubled over the past couple of years, growing from 400 in 2014 to 1,000 at the end of 2015, according to Gartner.​

    Written by Rebecca Merrett27 Jan. 16 15:38