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  • 10 lessons U.S. tech managers can learn from their counterparts in China

    China is on a technological roll these days -- one that American companies ignore at their own peril. Contrary to outdated Western perceptions, 680 million Chinese have access to either a laptop or a mobile phone, and some 95% of homes in every city in China are now wired for the Internet, according to figures from the Chinese government.

    Written by Bill Marcus05 Jan. 15 22:35
  • What's behind Apple's mea culpa in China?

    Apple CEO Tim Cook's overboard apology to China about the company's alleged disregard of customer service highlights an East-West cultural clash about how to do business.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige03 April 13 23:03
  • Chinese Government's Link to Cyber Espionage Clearer Than Ever

    It's a common belief in the information security world that the Chinese government is behind many of the advanced persistent threats that target companies around the world in an effort to steal their IP and trade secrets. Now one security firm has come forward with years of evidence to link a prolific APT group to a unit inside the Chinese government.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud20 Feb. 13 16:09
  • World of Warcraft awaits China's approval to relaunch

    The relaunch of the popular online game World of Warcraft in China, where it has already been offline for six weeks, still faces an indefinite delay as it awaits government approval for its content.

    Written by Owen Fletcher20 July 09 17:31
  • China's Internet lockdown hurts local e-businesses

    China has started restoring some Internet access to a province where it was blocked after deadly ethnic riots two weeks ago, but the outage has already taken a toll on local businesses.

    Written by Owen Fletcher20 July 09 21:00
  • Bing filters out sensitive results for Chinese searches

    Microsoft's Bing search engine filters out some sensitive results from searches made in simplified Chinese, the script used to write the language in China, searches revealed Thursday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher25 June 09 20:30
  • China remains spam haven due to 'bulletproof' hosting

    An overwhelming majority of Web sites promoted through spam are hosted in China at service providers that many times choose to ignore complaints and allow illegal activity, according to research from the University of Alabama.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk27 June 09 03:07
  • Google censors China porn searches

    Google engineers have put in place several measures to remove pornography from search results in China, after the government warned the company its filter was too weak.

    Written by Dan Nystedt23 June 09 21:34
  • Offshoring? Try China and India plus a third site

    China may be rising as an offshoring destination, but many companies are outsourcing to multiple countries rather than just choosing between China and India.

    Written by Owen Fletcher22 June 09 22:24
  • Fight against China's Web filtering software grows

    A U.S. company that says its code was copied by a Chinese Internet filtering program has ordered more PC makers not to distribute the Chinese software.

    Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 13:52
  • China warns Google over porn links

    Google promised to step up control of "vulgar" online search results in China late Thursday, after a government-backed arbiter warned that its filtering of pornography was too weak.

    Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 18:13
  • China orders Google to suspend foreign site searches

    China has ordered Google to suspend its foreign Web site search service after warning that the company's filtering of pornography was too weak, state media said Friday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher19 June 09 21:20
  • China to propose WLAN security standard for global use again

    China will submit its wireless LAN security protocol to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for consideration as a global standard, years after its rejection by the standards body incensed Chinese backers.

    Written by Owen Fletcher16 June 09 20:38
  • IBM steps up healthcare application work in China

    IBM is expanding work on applications for use in Chinese hospitals after spotting an opportunity in the country's massive spending plan for healthcare reform.

    Written by Owen Fletcher17 June 09 20:25