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  • In Pictures: 11 holiday gift ideas for IT executives

    The holidays are here and if you are still shopping for gifts for the tech pro in your life (or maybe you're making your own Christmas wish list), these products are as practical are they are cool.

    Written by Rich Hein10 Dec. 13 09:00
  • What are CIOs wishing for this Christmas?

    It’s that time of year again for every CIO to reflect and think about what they want for the coming year ahead. No, this doesn't have to involve gadgets or really, really cool technology. Instead, it’s a much broader wishlist that looks at some of the common challenges facing the modern CIO.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett19 Dec. 12 12:00
  • In Pictures: Hottest tablets for your Christmas wishlist

    Tablet PCs have become the must-have holiday gift. This year though, Apple's iPad is no longer the only tablet on the market with significant "wow factor". Here's a list of the best tablets available for Christmas.

    Written by Al Sacco22 Nov. 11 14:36
  • Gadget gifts for geek girls: 15 creative ideas

    Tis the season...to start stressing over what to buy your wife or girlfriend. Let's face it, fellas: We rarely know what women want. The holiday season is no exception.

    Written by JR Raphael17 Dec. 09 11:43