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  • In pictures: CIO Executive Council Pathways graduation

    The CIO Executive Council recently held its 2018 Pathways graduation at the Hilton Hotel Sydney. Pathways graduates attended from all states throughout Australia and New Zealand after completing a 12 month accelerated leadership development program.

    Written by CIO Staff10 Dec. 18 09:44
  • Modern-day CIOs need help charting digital transformation course

    Like in ancient Egyptian times, modern day CIOs are grappling with rapid inventions and continuous technological breakthroughs and need a solid framework in order to decipher the ever-changing landscape.

    Written by By Jennifer O'Brien20 Nov. 18 14:01
  • Announcing the 2017 State of the CIO survey

    How do you rate the technology and skills provided by your vendor partners? Will you have trouble filling some roles this year? Which emerging/disruptive technologies are you deploying or piloting/testing in your organisation in the next 12 months?

    Written by CIO Staff24 May 17 16:17
  • ​Announcing the State of the CIO 2017

    What’s on your agenda for the next 12 months? What are the technology strategies that are going to drive your business forward?

    Written by CIO Staff06 Oct. 16 09:36
  • ​Craig Wishart new KPMG CIO

    Former UXC Group IT chief, Craig Wishart, has joined professional services firm KPMG as its Australian CIO.

    Written by Byron Connolly19 July 16 10:46
  • State of the CIO 2015: Make your voice heard

    CIO Australia, in conjunction with the CIO Executive Council, is conducting its 14th annual ‘State of the CIO’ study and we need your help.

    Written by CIO Staff24 June 15 14:22
  • CIO Executive Council launches Pathways Express

    The CIO Executive Council has launched Pathways Express, a one-day intensive learning and development program for organisations that want to improve the business acumen of their senior ICT executives.

    Written by CIO Staff24 June 14 16:38
  • Sounding board: Investing in non-IT skills

    We ask two CIO Executive Council members to discuss how they're encouraging diversity and non-IT skillsets across their teams.

    Written by CIO Staff24 April 14 11:58
  • Future-proof your IT team

    Creating new roles, redefining existing ones and identifying skills gaps. CIOs explain how they keep ahead of the curve.

    Written by CIO Staff09 Sept. 11 09:47
  • CIO Summit: Personal branding for CIOs

    When it comes down to personal branding, its adopted mantra says it all: “If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing”, by jazz musician Art Blakey.

    Written by Diana Nguyen22 July 11 15:30
  • ACS Vic announces Pathways scholarships

    The Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) Victorian arm has committed to fostering the careers of three senior ICT managers, sponsoring their participation in the CIO Executive Council’s Pathway’s Program.

    Written by CIO Staff06 July 11 12:00
  • Pathways extends 2011 program

    With the rhetoric around the IT skills crisis reaching a crescendo, one thing remains clear: Today’s CIOs must take an active role in developing their star performers into real business leaders. Until recently, that was easier said than done and would-be CIOs lacked a certified career path. A little over a year ago, however, that situation changed.

    Written by CIO Staff24 April 11 09:00