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CIO Summit 2010 - News, Features, and Slideshows


  • The future of mobility in enterprise: Q&A

    During the <i>CIO Summit 2010</i> in Melbourne, a panel session was held to discuss how mobility technology can aid the enterprise.

    Written by CIO Staff08 Oct. 10 15:08
  • NBN to drive Australian business technology

    About 70 per cent of Australian organisations think the NBN will better enable their business, particularly in the areas of video conferencing, virtual desktops and IT as a service, according to IDC research.

    Written by Georgina Swan06 Oct. 10 10:09
  • 'Goldie' super users lead IT change at Immigration Dept

    Implementing change within an organisation is never easy, particularly when it comes to replacing whole IT systems. That’s why the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s (DIAC) chief information officer, Bob Correll, relied largely on "super users" to lead the IT change management in its ambitious Systems for People program.

    Written by James Hutchinson26 July 10 10:20
  • IT staff core to the customer experience

    A company's stakeholders can become their advocates, provided IT staff make up a part of the externally facing customer team, according to Haas School of Business professor, Peter Wilton.

    Written by James Hutchinson26 July 10 11:47
  • Federal election delays visa, immigration changes

    The Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s (DIAC) plan to complete its transformational change under the Systems for People program has been delayed due to the Federal election on 21 August.

    Written by James Hutchinson23 July 10 12:31
  • Transition to the cloud like steam power to electricity

    The transition to cloud-based applications is in a similar vein to the move from steam power to electricity, according to Wilson HTM chief information officer, Scott Stewart.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 July 10 15:26
  • Honesty key to building customer trust: ACMA CIO

    Building trust is best achieved through finding the right person, and always being honest, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA) chief information officer, Carsten Larsen.

    Written by James Hutchinson22 July 10 14:52
  • Social media policy isn't all about IT: CIOs

    A panel of CIOs have agreed developing a workplace social media policy around the use of sites like Twitter is not exclusively an IT issue.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 July 10 13:00
  • 70 per cent of CIOs say GFC effects have passed: IDC

    A survey of some 400 CIOs across the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region indicates that while 70 per cent feel the effects of the GFC have passed, an average 2.3 per cent budget increase will take place in these organisations.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 July 10 11:47