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  • Nortel purchase to test Avaya big time

    2010 should be a watershed year for Avaya, which has been reinventing itself for the past three years and is just about to take on the challenge of acquiring and integrating the enterprise assets of Nortel.

    Written by Tim Greene11 Dec. 09 11:44
  • Fear of Microsoft subsides in mergers and acquisitions arena

    Among Microsoft's trials and tribulations in the mergers and acquisitions space, a Microsoft official on Tuesday evening cited fear of dealing with the company as an obstacle Microsoft has had to overcome.

    Written by Paul Krill10 Dec. 09 11:24
  • Social network and banking scams are on the rise, says Cisco

    What do phishing, instant messaging malware, DDoS attacks and 419 scams have in common? According to Cisco Systems, they're all has-been cybercrimes that were supplanted by slicker, more menacing forms of cybercrime over the past year.

    Written by Robert McMillan09 Dec. 09 08:17
  • Tech industry's biggest M&A deals of 2009

    The top 10 mergers and acquisitions in the network industry in 2009 all cracked the billion-dollar barrier, and involved vendors in hardware, IT services, collaboration, storage, wireless infrastructure and other segments. IT behemoths such as Oracle, Cisco, Dell, HP, EMC and IBM were among the biggest spenders.

    Written by Jon Brodkin09 Dec. 09 05:52
  • Cisco's new structure key to success, Chambers says

    Cisco Systems' whirlwind of activity over the past few months wouldn't have been possible without the company's spread-out management structure, in which about 650 people are involved in cross-functional 'councils' and 'boards' that search out potentially profitable new markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers told a financial analyst conference on Tuesday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson09 Dec. 09 07:10
  • Cisco wins Tandberg with 91.1% stake

    After a hard-fought battle, Cisco has won control of video conferencing leader Tandberg with ownership of 91.1% of the company's shares.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 Dec. 09 03:41
  • Cisco pedigree wins over VCs

    Having Cisco pedigree plays a large role in whether a technology business plan gets funding, venture capitalists say.

    Written by Jim Duffy24 Nov. 09 17:32
  • Shareholders sue 3Com directors over HP merger

    3Com's board of directors is facing a lawsuit over the proposed acquisition by Hewlett Packard Development Company, but a financial analyst who studies Ethernet switching argued if approved, both vendors would benefit from the deal.

    Written by Greg Meckbach19 Nov. 09 06:03
  • Acadia, Cisco, EMC, VMware data center cloud unveiled

    Cisco, EMC and VMware last week unveiled the much rumored joint venture to sell their products to companies wanting to build internal clouds. Called Acadia (for who knows what reason), the joint venture is a collaboration between the three companies that will launch in 2010 and sell what they call Vblocks, preconfigured packages of Cisco UCS blade servers, EMC storage gear, VMware virtualization software and EMC Ionix management software.

    Written by Deni Connor11 Nov. 09 23:43
  • HP-Cisco battle spreads to China with 3Com deal

    Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of networking gear vendor 3Com will unlock a major new market for the company, taking its growing rivalry with Cisco Systems to China, analysts said Thursday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher12 Nov. 09 20:46