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  • Wanted: A CIO to save the environment

    The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) – a donation-funded community organisation with more than half a million members – is seeking its inaugural chief information officer.

    Written by George Nott02 July 18 12:25
  • University of Queensland to spend $2.4M on ‘Flashlite’

    The University of Queensland will spend up to $2.4 million on its latest high performance computer for intensive data crunching across multiple research areas, including astrophysics, climate change, geonomics, and computational chemistry.

    Written by Byron Connolly21 Aug. 14 15:13
  • Greenpeace rates climate-change leaders and laggards

    Greenpeace International released the fourth version of its "Cool IT Leaderboard" on Tuesday, and Cisco, Ericsson and Fujitsu ranked atop the list of 17 global high-tech companies.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum10 Dec. 10 05:12
  • Microsoft, Google unveil climate change Web apps

    Microsoft and Google have built Web applications designed to highlight environmental problems coinciding with the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen that run through Friday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk15 Dec. 09 07:48
  • Continued climate change uncertainty costly

    The failure of Australia's political leaders to agree on a way forward to tackle the global climate change threat as embodied by the voting down of the proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS) in the Senate today will have costly consequences.

    Written by Trevor Clarke02 Dec. 09 21:06