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  • AirTrunk opens Sydney hyperscale data centre

    ‚ÄčAirTrunk today opened the first of two new hyperscale data centres in Australia aimed squarely at large scale cloud providers.

    Written by George Nott20 Sept. 17 15:54
  • The real risks of moving to the cloud

    Control over your data and its security are impaired when you pass it to a cloud provider, says Guy Betar.

    Written by Guy Betar26 June 15 14:47
  • The threat Cloud computing providers pose to corporate IT

    People underestimate how much cloud providers present a challenge to IT as it's practiced today in most organisations. A couple of news stories brought home this point. They illustrate the existential threat that cloud computing and its practices present to corporate IT groups.

    Written by Bernard Golden18 Oct. 11 08:01