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  • Customer Focus, Innovative Structure Prep EMC for Success

    Most tech companies, not surprisingly, focus on engineering. This fosters innovation, yes, but not all of it's necessary. Witness all the firms trying to become cloud service providers. EMC, however, has always put customers first. That approach will help the firm emerge largely unscathed from a changing market.

    Written by Rob Enderle09 May 14 22:36
  • Tough questions to put to cloud providers

    Cloud vendors may have a slick sales pitch, but it won't always match what's in their contracts — so it’s up to you to ask the hard questions. Here are some tough questions to ask cloud providers.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett28 March 14 09:00
  • U.S. Cloud Firms Suffer From NSA PRISM Program

    Revelations of the NSA's massive electronic surveillance program give fuel to foreign firms and governments that warn of privacy risks of doing business with U.S. cloud service providers.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin25 July 13 13:09
  • 12 IT outsourcing predictions for 2012

    The IT outsourcing industry in 2011 was largely marked by smaller deals, hesitant customers, profit-squeezed providers and a whole lot of talk—but not as much action—on the cloud computing front.

    Written by Stephanie Overby23 Dec. 11 06:07
Features about cloud service providers
  • Cloud wars heating up in 2014

    Google, Amazon and Microsoft have all made strategic moves to gain cloud market share -- and the 'cloud wars' are only getting started.

    Written by Sharon Florentine12 March 14 13:42

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