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  • Over-the-air software coming soon to your next car

    Using a capability that is unique in the auto industry, Elon Musk last week tweeted that over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades would soon come to its P85D Model S sedans as the cars sat in garages and driveways around the world.

    Written by Lucas Mearian07 Feb. 15 01:15
  • Welcome to the age of pervasive supercomputing

    Human beings tend to take incremental change in stride. For example, the loaf of bread that was 50 cents a few decades ago that now costs $3 isn't a big deal to us because the price rose gradually and steadily year by year. What we aren't adapted for is exponential change. Which explains why we tend to be taken by surprise by developments that involve digital technologies, where order-of-magnitude improvements, driven by Moore's Law, occur continuously.

    Written by By Richard Adler30 Sept. 14 23:08
  • Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

    It used to be simple: Multiply the microprocessor's clock rate by four, and you could measure a computer's computational power in megaFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second) or gigaFLOPS (billions of FLOPS.)

    Written by Lamont Wood18 Sept. 14 23:07
  • IT's most wanted: Mainframe programmers

    Before tablets, smartphones, and PCs became prominent, "big iron" mainframes led down the path to computing, becoming a staple of enterprise business worldwide several decades ago.

    Written by Paul Krill01 Dec. 11 22:20
  • InfoWorld's top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

    Everyone is a trend watcher. But at a certain point, to determine which trends will actually weave their way into the fabric of business computing, you need to first take a hard look at the technologies that gave life to the latest buzz phrases.

    Written by InfoWorld staff21 Nov. 11 22:10
  • Windows 8: The InfoWorld Deep Dive report

    It's not the Windows you know and love. Microsoft has revealed a "reimagined" Windows -- code-named Windows 8 -- that boasts a very different, tile-centric user interface called Metro taken from Windows Phone that is touch-savvy, runs on ARM processors as well as Intel x86 chips, takes fewer system resources so it can run on a wider variety of hardware platforms, and works on both tablets and traditional keyboard-and-mouse PCs. It's not mobile versus desktop, it's mobile and desktop together.

    Written by InfoWorld staff01 Nov. 11 01:57
  • After drama, HP to keep its PC business after all

    Hewlett-Packard isn't going out of the PC business after all. Today, CEO Meg Whitman announced the company would continue to make and sell PCs, <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/t/data-discovery/what-it-means-if-hp-dumps-its-pc-business-170226">reversing a decision </a>made by her predecessor Léo Apotheker in August -- a decision that riled investors and employees and<a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/applications/hp-board-ousts-apotheker-whitman-in-ceo-173762"> led to his ouster</a> in late September. Since the August announcement, <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/the-industry-standard/the-sharks-are-circling-hp-can-anyone-save-it-170747">HP's future has been repeatedly questioned</a>, as has the competence of its senior management. The appointment of board member Whitman as CEO <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/the-industry-standard/hps-meg-whitman-new-ceo-same-old-strategy-173792">added to the criticisms</a>.

    Written by Galen Gruman28 Oct. 11 07:51
  • Windows 8: What it's really all about

    Now we know. Microsoft's president for Windows, Steven Sinofsky, today revealed a "reimagined" Windows, which boasts a very different, tile-based user interface called Metro based on Windows Phone that is touch-savvy, runs on ARM processors as well as Intel x86 chips, and yet will also work on traditional keyboard-and-mouse PCs and run anything that runs on Windows 7. The new version, code-named Windows 8, is now in developer preview, with no release date yet set.

    Written by Galen Gruman14 Sept. 11 03:15
  • Welcome to the iPad 2: Inside Apple's new tablet

    Today at 10 a.m. Pacific time, Apple will reveal the details of the much-rumored iPad 2. The speculation has been rampant for months, with bloggers claiming everything from a double-resolution Retina display to a dual-core A4 (or maybe A5) processor, from new Thunderbolt ports and SD slots to a button-less case. A thinner, lighter design is also predicted. As is typical of these rumors, their factual basis is questionable.

    Written by Galen Gruman02 March 11 22:24