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  • IBM plugs OpenPower servers into SoftLayer cloud

    IBM will roll out a cloud computing service next quarter using OpenPower-based servers, continuing an effort to expand the market for Power processors and challenge Intel in hyperscale data centers.

    Written by James Niccolai04 March 15 15:54
  • Microsoft previews free, updated Power BI business intelligence tool

    Aiming at a mass business-user audience, Microsoft has released a preview of the next version of its cloud-based data visualization software, Power BI, with a promise to maintain a free option even after its general release.

    Written by Scott M., Fulton III28 Jan. 15 08:59
  • Ravello promises enterprises cross-Cloud app flexibility

    Part of the reason companies agonize as long and hard as they do over cloud decisions are the potential consequences to be suffered if it later turns out changes need to be made. Write an application and it's good for the particular cloud platform you've chosen; decide to move to a different platform, and you could have a world of pain ahead.

    Written by Katherine Noyes22 Jan. 15 12:52