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  • How the PGA uses analytics, beacons and social to enhance fan experience

    During a professional golf tournament, fans know it's not possible to see every golfer, every swing and every putt in real time. For the 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis., this week the PGA beefed up the fan experience on PGA.com and within its mobile app, so fans can see more of the action, whether they're on the course or watching from home.

    Written by Lauren Brousell14 Aug. 15 01:05
  • Why It's Time to Start Using a Password Manager

    It's holiday shopping season, and it's time for me to nag you about security. You'll likely be shopping online a lot in the coming weeks, and many of the sites you visit will require passwords. None of us have solid-state memory inside of our heads (yet), so it's easy to be sloppy with passwords. Don't. Seriously. People get hacked all the time, and it's a major pain in the butt.

    Written by Bill Snyder04 Dec. 14 03:42
  • How You Can Stand Up to AT&T and Help Save the Internet

    It's one thing to disagree with President Obama's stand on net neutrality. It's quite another to resort to bullying, but that's exactly what AT&T is doing. Earlier this week, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told investors he plans to delay his company's ambitious fiber optic cable investments in 100 cities.

    Written by Bill Snyder14 Nov. 14 06:49
  • Three Can't-Miss Deals on Intel Haswell PCs

    You know the drill. When the model year nears its end, new cars gets cheaper. The same is true of winter clothing when spring approaches, and it's equally true of computers when a new generation is on the horizon.

    Written by Bill Snyder24 Oct. 14 02:35
  • Online Daters Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

    Online dating is common and popular today, but does it really lead to the Happily Ever Afters promised by companies such as eHarmony and Match.com? Unfortunately for romantics scouring the Internet in search of spouses, it frequently does not, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

    Written by Bill Snyder30 Sept. 14 00:05
  • 10 Hot Internet of Things Startups

    As Internet connectivity gets embedded into everything from baby monitors to industrial sensors, investors, entrepreneurs and engineers are rushing to cash in. According to Gartner, Internet of Things (IoT) vendors will earn more than $309 billion by 2020. However, most of those earnings will come from services.

    Written by Jeff Vance05 Sept. 14 04:19
  • Comcast Customers Mad as Hell about Abysmal Customer Service

    How mad does Comcast make its customers? So mad that a New Mexico women recently pulled a gun on a Comcast tech, and a man famously made a recording of a ludacrous conversation with a Comcast service rep who wouldn't let him cancel his service. Then there's the customer who was so sure that a Comcast service rep was lying he recorded their conversation and eventually used the recording to prove he'd been lied to -- or at the very least, seriously misled.

    Written by Bill Snyder13 Aug. 14 23:31
  • FTC Sues Amazon Over Kids' In-App Purchases

    C'mon Amazon. You're supposed to be a consumer-friendly company. What's less friendly than making it easy for children to run up large, unauthorized charges using mobile apps? That's exactly what the FTC is accusing Amazon of, and the agency filed suit against the company on Thursday.

    Written by Bill Snyder11 July 14 23:43
  • Has the Time for Smartwatches Arrived (or Is It Too Late for Watches)?

    CIO.com Senior Writer Tom Kaneshige attended a wearable technology show yesterday and stared a bevy of smartwatches in the face. Today, he ponders whether anyone needs one of these trendy devices to know what time it is -- or maybe that's not the point.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige22 Nov. 13 21:35