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News about Cornell University
  • Computer science surge sparks campus building boom

    Space is tight for computer science students at the University of Washington. The program can accommodate only onethird of UW students who fulfill prerequisites and apply to the major. With lobbying <a href="https://news.cs.washington.edu/2015/02/24/23-wa-technology-leaders-line-up-in-support-of-expanded-facilities-for-uw-cse/">support</a> from a number of big-name tech neighbors Microsoft, Amazon and Zillow, to name a few -- the university is soliciting state funds to help pay for a second building for its Computer Science &amp; Engineering department in Seattle. With a new building, UW expects to double its compsci enrollment.

    Written by Ann Bednarz24 March 15 04:36
  • Bitcoin price dips as backers fear mining monopoly

    Fears that a Bitcoin mining pool controls more than half the total computational power used to create the digital currency have prompted a decline in its value.

    Written by Tim Hornyak16 June 14 22:33
  • The Internet of Things could encroach on personal privacy

    A recent White House report on big data wonders aloud about the capability of sensors and smart meters to turn homes into fish tanks, completely transparent to marketers, police -- and criminals.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau03 May 14 20:51
Features about Cornell University
  • Bringing brains to computers

    For decades, scientists have fantasized about creating robots with brain-like intelligence. This year, researchers tempted by that dream made great progress on achieving what has been called the holy grail of computing.

    Written by Agam Shah17 Dec. 13 21:48