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News about corporate governance
  • Companies not investing in IT governance

    Australian organisations are seriously under-investing in IT governance particularly at a time when they are highly dependent on technology systems across all operations.

    Written by Byron Connolly08 July 14 11:20
  • Governance Guide (Part 1)

    Part I: What is governance, how should boards approach it and who regulates it?

    Written by Christian Doherty22 May 11 21:13
  • Enterprise risk management: Get started in six steps

    Let's say your organization doesn't have a formal enterprise risk management program. If you're at a big company, ERM might seem daunting because of silos, inertia and so on.

    Written by Derek Slater09 Sept. 10 13:12
  • Corporate Governance

    The CFO plays a central role in good corporate governance

    Written by Morris Kaplan14 July 10 16:50