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  • Further Spectre and Meltdown-like flaws found

    Reports have emerged that ​researchers have found eight new flaws in computer central processing units that resemble the Meltdown and Spectre bugs.

    Written by Reuters04 May 18 12:29
  • Intel's mobile future is in blazing modems as it buries Atom failure

    Intel passed on the opportunity to make chips for the first iPhone, and in May discontinued Atom smartphone chips after wasting billions trying to get them in handsets. The chip company instead started building a new mobile identity around its modems and wireless connectivity assets.

    Written by Agam Shah22 Feb. 17 01:01
  • AMD sets Ryzen up for a strong start as chip battle with Intel looms

    AMD now is looking to rally its dwindling fan base with a series of Zen-based chips this year for desktops, servers, and laptops. The hyped-up Zen chips are expected to be good, and even Intel readily acknowledges the stiff competition coming its way.

    Written by Agam Shah02 Feb. 17 08:34
  • 5 burning questions about AMD's Zen chip

    AMD's Zen chip is just around the corner; it'll first come to gaming systems any day now. There's a lot of excitement about Zen, which AMD believes is its most important chip this decade.

    Written by Agam Shah24 Nov. 16 22:00