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  • The stadium-scale humiliation of David Thodey

    ​Former Telstra CEO David Thodey has shared the story of how he was publicly shamed in front of an arena crowd by world-renowned diversity trainer Jane Elliott in what he calls “one of the most significant moments of my career."

    Written by George Nott01 Dec. 16 14:14
  • Machine learning "still a cottage industry"

    There’s “an awful lot of black art” in the discipline says Professor Bob Williamson, chief scientist of CSIRO’s Data 61 group.

    Written by George Nott27 May 16 09:29
  • CSIRO cuts ‘degrade and tarnish’ agency: Senator Carr

    ​Shadow minister for innovation, Senator Kim Carr has denounced the Federal Government’s latest cuts to the CSIRO, describing the axing of 275 jobs and the closure of critical climate research programs as "degrading".

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 May 16 15:39
  • CSIRO’s Data61 and Treasury join forces to examine the blockchain

    ​CSIRO’s Data61 and the Federal Government Treasury have teamed up to examine the implications of adopting ‘blockchain’ technology - a move that could enhance the services of both government and industry, and deliver significant gains for the economy.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien04 May 16 12:16
  • ​CSIRO and AICD to lift company boards’ cyber literacy

    CSIRO’s Data61 and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) will soon create a security education and training program to lift the digital and cyber literacy of company boards.

    Written by Byron Connolly26 April 16 10:12
  • Data61 CEO wants to create global R&D hub

    Data61 wants to actively pursue opportunities overseas and become a global research and development hub for corporates, CEO Adriana Turner said today.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett20 Jan. 16 15:12
  • Turnbull government announces $1.1B innovation plan

    The Turnbull government has announced a $1.1 billion innovation plan to encourage risk taking activity that fosters a more entrepreneurial culture, supports early stage startups, promotes science and computing, and drives innovative research.​

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner07 Dec. 15 16:01
  • 7 shifts that will impact sectors in the next 20 years

    Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, futures researcher for Australian national science agency CSIRO, highlights trends that will reshape the landscape for government, business and society in the next two decades.

    Written by Divina Paredes27 Oct. 15 09:49
  • CSIRO gets on top of service delivery with new tool

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has taken an ad hoc, complex service delivery process and turned it into a fast, simple model.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett06 Oct. 15 10:52
  • Merged CSIRO and NICTA to become ‘Data61’

    The CSIRO's Digital Productivity group and NICTA will merge to create a new organisation called 'Data61’ but the future of around 200 support staff still remains uncertain.

    Written by Byron Connolly28 Aug. 15 10:50
  • David Thodey to chair CSIRO

    Former Telstra boss, David Thodey, has been appointed to chair the board of the CSIRO for the next five years.

    Written by Byron Connolly06 Aug. 15 14:11
  • CSIRO’s wearable tech for field workers to hit the market

    CSIRO has signed a licensing agreement with aerospace and engineering company, TAE, to commercialise wearable technology that enables field asset maintenance staff to 'virtually work' with technical experts off site.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett23 July 15 11:19