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News about customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Mortgage Choice embarks on CRM consolidation

    Residential mortgage broker, Mortgage Choice, is in the middle of a Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) rollout which will replace three separate CRM systems.

    Written by Hamish Barwick17 Feb. 15 12:28
  • At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce Joins the Analytics Revolution With Wave

    The Dreamforce conference isn't your normal tech conference. It's more of a festival, a smorgasbord of music, celebs, technical training and straight-ahead rah-rah selling that's nearly three times the attendance of Burning Man with much better amenities. Salesforce has once again created its city within a city, with headliners like Tony Robbins, Hillary Clinton, and Bruno Mars.

    Written by David Taber14 Oct. 14 23:16
  • 6 Ways to Anticipate, Deliver and Measure Customer Satisfaction

    In today's super social world, where customers will let you and everyone else know if they are not happy with your product or service, it is more important than ever to keep customers happy. While making sure customers receive the product or service they ordered on time and as promised is an excellent start, savvy businesses know they often need to go above and beyond on-time shipping if they want to keep customers coming back for more.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff16 July 14 06:53
  • Supporting start-ups through CRM

    A growing number of field workers, coupled with expansion into Western Australia and Queensland, was making customer information management a big challenge for not-for-profit organisation, Many Rivers.

    Written by Hamish Barwick16 May 14 14:02
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  • 7 Ways You Can Help Your Sales Team Be More Effective

    Every organization wants its salespeople to be successful -- that is, close more sales. Yet ask many salespeople and they will tell you that their organization often makes it difficult for them meet their quotas, requiring them to do lots of administrative work (e.g., enter data into a CRM system) or not providing them with mobile tools.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff20 Nov. 14 03:56
  • How to Make Accounting and CRM Systems Play Nice

    Last week, I submitted an expense report to a client. The accounts payable representative made me revise the report four times to put things in the right buckets and correct a $1.04 error. (Really.) Of course, I can't charge anybody for his or her time, and the A/P department is really busy because it's "understaffed." (Uh-huh.)

    Written by David Taber04 Sept. 14 00:14
Features about customer relationship management (CRM)
  • What does the future hold for Microsoft Dynamics?

    Alongside the news that the Microsoft teams that make devices like Surface and Surface Hub will now be in the same division that makes the operating system on which they run, Microsoft's latest reorg moves Dynamics to the Cloud & Enterprise group (Microsoft Dynamics is the company's line of ERP and CRM applications). That shifts it from the Applications & Services division that builds productivity products and cloud services like Office 365, and puts it alongside Azure, SQL Server, Intune, Power BI, Visual Studio and BizTalk.

    Written by Mary Branscombe24 June 15 00:11