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  • Is your CRM business process really a workflow?

    CRM systems offer workflows, approval processes, and other business process enforcement features. But it's not always clear which feature you should use, and overly strict enforcement mechanisms cause big user satisfaction problems.

    Written by David Taber23 Aug. 11 04:20
  • CRM and sales: If it's broke, fix it.

    Fixing your CRM system and the sales and marketing organization will take some real time, and should be done in stages. Further, in both CRM and sales there's a serious talent shortage. Sure, there are people on the street -- but just try to find a truly great salesperson or SFDC wizard in New York or San Francisco. So you should grab the employees and consultants whenever you can find them, and expect to fix the software and organizational issues in parallel.

    Written by David Taber11 Aug. 11 06:53
  • Cloud CRM: The politics of data ownership and control

    As I've written previously, CRM systems are inherently the most political of Enterprise systems. Users' bonuses and even their career paths may be riding on the data values in the CRM system. Small errors in the data can mean big problems if leads are getting lost or sales reps can't see relevant information about their customers and prospects.

    Written by David Taber29 July 11 06:27
  • Oracle buys InQuira to boost Fusion CRM

    Oracle is buying knowledge management vendor InQuira in order to improve the capabilities of its Fusion and Siebel CRM (customer relationship management) applications, Oracle announced Thursday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus28 July 11 23:46
  • Social CRM for business

    Companies of every kind are beginning to focus more on consumers and engaging with them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. But the successful businesses, the ones that want to really make their social media efforts sing, are going beyond just gaining that simple visibility.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss07 July 11 07:21
  • Is Your CRM system meeting the needs of your enterprise?

    In the past, CRM served a simple purpose inside your enterprise: It kept track of your customers, their addresses and their orders. Now, though, there's far more that comes under the CRM umbrella, from connecting with your customers through social media to being able to instantly transmit customer data to a call center agent when customers call in for help.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss30 June 11 08:23
  • CRM systems: IT in the cloud or the office?

    Whether organisations opt for an on-premise or cloud solution, analysts from both Gartner and IDC agree the CRM systems market continues to be buoyant.

    Written by Ulrika Hedquist29 June 11 08:04
  • Implementing territories in CRM systems

    As I've written before, CRM systems are the most political of all enterprise software. This is because the sales and marketing users are inherently competitive and driven by incentives that make them even more so. In the drive for this quarter's compensation and eventual promotion, sales guys will fight for lower quotas and better territories, sometimes trying to grab deals from an inattentive colleague or channel partner. Whether in large organizations or small, this may be baked in as part of the sales culture.

    Written by David Taber24 June 11 05:44
  • Microsoft, SAP team to ease cloud deployments

    In an attempt to ease cloud deployments for their combined customer base, Microsoft and SAP are configuring some of their software products so that they work more easily together.

    Written by Joab Jackson19 May 11 01:31
  • SAP revs up mobile application strategy

    SAP is giving its ongoing push into mobile applications an extra shove with a series of new products aimed at verticals such as utilities, energy, retail and manufacturing, the company announced Tuesday during the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus17 May 11 23:43
  • How to get smarter about CRM security

    If Value Engineering is the identification of different implementation strategies to achieve the business goal, the ultimate in value engineering is to identify requirements that don't need to be done in the first place. Although security and access control would seem to be a poor candidate for this kind of requirements elimination, in many situations the technical solutions are so clumsy and expensive that there's almost no ROI.

    Written by David Taber14 May 11 00:31
  • Microsoft shaking up CRM release cycle

    Microsoft is planning to increase the pace of releases for its Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) software, according to a new "statement of direction" document from the vendor. The move may signal pressure Microsoft is feeling from rivals such as Salesforce.com, which updates its software several times a year.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus13 May 11 04:48
  • CRM on a smartphone

    On busy weekends in Las Vegas, getting a drink at many bars and nightclubs can be a full-contact sport. First you muscle your way through a crowd to get near the bar. Then you shout your order and hope the bartender hears it right.

    Written by Matt Villano29 April 11 07:14
  • SAP Q1 revenue up, but profits growth slow

    SAP saw revenue rise by 21 percent in the quarter ended March 31, with double-digit growth in all regions driven by increased software business from partners and the channel.

    Written by John Ribeiro28 April 11 16:38
  • New app makes Salesforce.com easier to use

    Salesforce.com's growth and popularity are undeniable, but startup Active Endpoints is betting that its customers could use a little help getting the most out of the on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) software with a new application called Cloud Extend.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus14 April 11 23:10