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  • CRM: Playing the percentages correctly

    The Opportunities object (OK, table) is where CRM and SFA systems hold the data about prospective deals. And nearly every system uses some sort of stage pick-list that's an indicator of the deal's current status in the sales cycle. Each stage typically has a percentage assigned to it, and a forecast category (such as "pipeline" or "upside") that is used to drive the opportunity pipeline report and bookings forecast. Simple. Rational. Wrong.

    Written by David Taber21 Sept. 10 02:32
  • Globalisation: Choosing technology that fits your market

    Aegon Religare wants to grow its insurance sales in tandem with the salaries of a burgeoning middle class in India. The fastest way to do it, company executives determined last year, would be to sell policies on the Internet-a novel way to market insurance in that country.

    Written by Kim S. Nash30 Sept. 10 07:30
  • SugarCRM offers CRM to OEMs, and readies native iPhone app

    SugarCRM has repackaged its open-source, browser-based customer relationship management platform to make it easier for other vendors to put their own brand on products and services built with SugarCRM, the company announced Thursday. But it is also working on a native iPhone app that will put the brand under the noses of many more users.

    Written by Peter Sayer30 Sept. 10 20:34
  • CRM records: Dummy tricks for smarter searches

    Earlier this month, I wrote about using a few Dummy records in tables to make CRM systems smarter. This time, we're looking at a different situation: Dummy fields that may be needed in all of a table's records.

    Written by David Taber29 Sept. 10 03:38
  • Oracle plans Q1 2011 release for Fusion Apps

    The first release of Oracle's long-awaited, next-generation Fusion Applications will be generally available in the first quarter of 2011, CEO Larry Ellison said during a keynote address at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on Sunday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Sept. 10 13:12
  • Mobile CRM app helps construction firm diversify its business

    VCC, a nationwide retail construction company, was forced to diversify when the recession struck. The company found that giving project managers smartphone access to customer data was a big boost in attracting new business.

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 Sept. 10 06:39
  • Salesforce.com rolls out contact-data service

    Salesforce.com rolled out a new service on Wednesday that integrates business-contact information with its own CRM (customer relationship management) application and Chatter collaboration software.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus02 Sept. 10 01:25
  • The Two Most Meaningful CRM Reports

    CRM systems are where the richest data about customer relationships is supposed to live, and most CRM systems provide a report-writing system as well as dozens of canned reports.

    Written by David Taber28 Aug. 10 01:36
  • The Two Most Dangerous CRM Reports

    CRM systems are where the data about customer relationships are supposed to live, and they typically provide a report-writing system as well as dozens of canned reports. But reports are incredibly vulnerable to GIGO, and they immediately expose data quality problems. Let's look at issues that limit the validity and credibility of any reports in your CRM system.

    Written by David Taber25 Aug. 10 02:56
  • Speech recognition systems must get smarter, professor says

    Those who loathe talking on the phone to automated speech recognition systems may take solace in the fact that scientists are working to make such systems more lifelike and less annoying to use.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 Aug. 10 06:50
  • SAP warms to open source

    Although not traditionally known for its contributions to the open-source community, the German-based SAP is adopting more open-source software, as well as contributing more of its own code back into the community, company officials said in an interview.

    Written by Joab Jackson31 July 10 05:39
  • CRM prominent on Google Apps marketplace

    CRM (customer relationship management) software has established a significant foothold on Google's Apps Marketplace since its launch in March, according to an official blog post this week.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus29 July 10 04:27
  • How to Set CRM Priorities: Two Proven Methods

    Priorities are so clearly part of rational project management. But they also fall victim to emotional and political pressures, so priorities jump around all too often. This is particularly true with CRM projects, thanks to the right-brained types in sales and marketing, and the frequent reorgs and marketplace shifts that really do change what's important. While the rapid, incremental deliveries from Agile's scrum teams certainly help accommodate rapid change, it's a good idea to have some tools to make the priority list more stable in the first place. Given that the No. 1 cause of scope creep is a weak or erratic prioritization mechanism, getting this process right will pay dividends throughout all phases of your CRM implementation.

    Written by David Taber27 July 10 06:48
  • Zendesk integrates Twitter into customer service app

    Zendesk has upgraded its Web-based help desk software to simplify and automate how its users capture, analyze and respond to public Twitter messages that merit a customer-service response.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez14 July 10 05:13
  • Microsoft opening CRM app store

    Microsoft plans to take a cue from rival CRM (customer relationship management) vendor Salesforce.com with the upcoming release of CRM 2011, by adding a marketplace site where partners can sell complementary applications.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus13 July 10 05:56