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  • CRM Vendor Proposals: 10 Items You Need Most

    If a significant CRM system project is on your agenda in this new fiscal year, here are checklist items that you need to look out for in vendor proposals.

    Written by David Taber13 July 10 04:28
  • CRM Systems: Unite or Die?

    When it comes to CRM systems, large companies are anything but centralized.

    Written by David Taber02 July 10 04:02
  • When Your Customers Vote, Does Your CRM Listen?

    Customers vote every day, implicitly through how they prioritize, how they spend their time, and where they engage in transactions (or not). So instead of asking your customers and prospects for an explicit vote, your CRM system needs to listen much more carefully to discern when they have made a choice, and decode what it means about their level of satisfaction.

    Written by David Taber29 June 10 06:13
  • Salesforce.com sues Microsoft for patent infringement

    Salesforce.com has sued Microsoft for patent infringement, making a move in response to an intellectual property suit Redmond filed against the on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) vendor last month.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus26 June 10 02:30
  • Cut Time From CRM Projects

    CRM projects can have some very tricky technical elements, particularly when it comes to integrating with other customer-facing and internal systems. They can also be quite labor intensive when it comes to normalizing, deduping, cleansing, and converting data. But in many CRM projects, those issues aren't the biggest contributors to schedule slips. Look closely: the larger the CRM project, the more likely that the delays are coming from outside of IT. No, it's not time to beat up your vendors. It's time to engage more closely with your users and project sponsors.

    Written by David Taber24 June 10 03:25
  • Microsoft Sues Salesforce.com in Battle for CRM

    Microsoft has been on the wrong side of a couple patent issues recently--the case with i4i over XML in Microsoft Word, and its recent settlement with VirnetX over VPN networking technology patents--but Microsoft does have an exhaustive portfolio of intellectual property and its not afraid to use it. Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Salesforce.com alleging infringement of patents related to software efficiency.

    Written by Tony Bradley20 May 10 00:07